Creating A Playlist For The Burial Service 

Burial services in cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA can be touching, memorable, and intimate. They are something families often like to do in order to see their loved one to their final resting place and say those last goodbyes. While you can have someone say a few words and leave it at that, you might want to include some music in the event. Here are some things to consider when making that playlist.

Keep Lyrics In Check

You will want to look at the lyrics of any songs you consider for the burial event. You might like the sound of a certain song, but the lyrics might have bad words in it or the overall message might be morose instead of filled with hope. You want the song to be suitable because someone at the event will likely notice the lyrics and you want their thoughts about the song choice to be positive.

Remember Your Loved One’s Tastes

Your loved one liked certain music and you are going to want to remember their tastes and perhaps choose accordingly. If they adored Christian music, look at the playlist on their phone to get some artist names. If country was their jam, keep that in mind as you scroll through song choices. Certain songs that meant a lot to them can bring back memories as you move forward with the burial.

Keep The Short Timing In Mind

Burial services are generally short and to the point. Keep that in mind as you choose music. You don’t have to have a long playlist, but rather something short and meaningful. Usually, just a few songs will do it. If you want to have more music playing as people gather and as they leave, you can make the playlist longer, or have the same songs play a few times to hammer home their beauty.

Choose Reflective Options

Burial services are generally somber and reflective and you are going to want songs that are similar. There’s a time and a place for something upbeat and sassy, but it’s not usually at the cemetery. You can use those songs at a reception, a life celebration, or a memorial service. Remember that even though your loved one’s event is for your family and friend group, there might be other people around in the cemetery. You don’t want anything playing that might disturb them, either.

Consider Live OR Recorded

You can use recorded music easily enough, but you might also want someone in your family to bring a guitar and strum out some music, or a cousin to sing a special song offering while you are gathered. Consider how sound would be and what you would be able to hear well in that outdoor element.

When you are trying to figure out the music for your loved one’s burial service in cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA, the professionals can help you with ideas and suggestions that might suit your loved one, your family, and the way you want things to feel.