Glass Front Niches at Oakland Cemetery

Discover the exquisite Glass Front Niches at Oakland Mausoleum’s lower level, where we offer families a truly special way to honor their loved ones. Nestled within the newly renovated heritage level of our climate-controlled mausoleum, these niches provide a captivating space for remembrance.

Our Glass Front Niches create an opportunity for families to proudly display an urn and personal memorabilia, allowing them to pay tribute to a life well lived. These niches serve as a beautiful showcase, reflecting the individual’s unique personality and accomplishments.

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Located in the serene and carefully designed lower level, our climate-controlled mausoleum ensures optimal preservation of the precious memories housed within the Glass Front Niches. The heritage level emanates an ambiance of tranquility and respect, providing a serene space for families to gather and reminisce.

At Oakland Mausoleum, we understand the importance of preserving the legacy and celebrating the life of your loved ones. With our Glass Front Niches, we offer an exceptional opportunity to create a personalized tribute that showcases the essence of their journey.

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