An In-Home Reception After Cemetery Burials 

There are many advantages to having a funeral at the funeral home. Once that service is complete, your guests will process to cemeteries in Blairsville, PA for your loved one’s burial service. It’s customary to have a reception after that service is complete, as well. You can set something up in a private room at a restaurant, use a community center, have a church organize something in their open space, or even have something in your family home. Here are a few things that you’ll get from a family home reception.

Give Family The Comfort Of The Familiar

If you have a reception at your house, or perhaps even the deceased’s home, your family is going to have a sense of comfort from that space. They have been in the house before and they can feel comfortable there. They might be able to show their emotions further, sink into a familiar couch, and simply be more at home all the way around.

Organize Spaces For More Room

When you decide to use a certain home, you might want to organize the furniture along the walls so you can have more space for people in the middle. Try to make the house as large and open as possible. Put away all clutter and push the furniture back and out of the way, if at all possible.

Place Extra Chairs

If you have more people coming than you normally see in the home, place some extra chairs in the house so there is more seating. You can put up card tables for the meal, or if the food is finger related, just get some chairs and line the rooms with more seating for the guests.

Have Catering/Potluck Food

You can easily have the meal catered, even if you do something in the family home. You can have a friend pick up the food at the right time, or ask the caterers to deliver it and even set it up for you. Another way to go is a more casual route. You can have a potluck-style meal where everyone brings something to share. It can be a nice way to get more variety and spread the workout.

Give An Open House Feel

When you have the event in a family home, it can be more of an open house feeling where people can come and go as they please. Once the burial service is over, tell everyone the house is open until a certain time. They can come right away and get a meal and share stories. Or, they can stop for gas, change, and then come over. It’s casual, but also comfortable.

When you are working with cemeteries in Blairsville, PA on a loved one’s burial service, it’s a good idea to meet their needs with the necessary plans first. Then, you can figure out the other elements, like what you will do for a reception. Your family will likely appreciate having more casual time together where you can have a meal and share memories.