Customizing A Casket For The Cemetery 

When you choose a plot in one of the cemeteries in Indiana, PA for a loved one’s burial, it’s nice to know you have a good place for their final resting spot. There are a lot of other decisions to make around that plot purchase. You might feel that the casket is another important aspect, for example, as that casket will hold their remains in that final resting place. You can get any casket on the market, but there are also plenty of ways to customize the casket to give your loved one just what you want. Here are a few such options.

Choose The Right Material

Caskets come in a variety of material options and each material has options of its own as well. If you choose wood caskets, for example, there are different wood types. There are also different finishes on the wood that can make the graining stand out even more. The right material can help you to make the casket more unique for your loved one’s burial.

Pick A Certain Lining Color

While the exterior of the casket will show to you and your family, the interior is what will be with your loved one. It might also show during a visitation or during an open casket portion of a funeral. It’s also what is touching your loved one and you want it to surround them just right. You can choose their favorite color or something that goes with the outfit you chose for them. You can also choose between satin and velvety materials to give them the softness you want for them.

Add Keepsake Drawers

There are certain things you can add to caskets, and keepsake drawers are one such thing. You can have a few drawers added to the casket and inside those drawers, you can place things that were special to the loved one that you want to send along with them into the burial process. You could put in family pictures, letters, a photo album, a statue they treasured, or whatever else you want.

Place Photos Inside

Even if you don’t put a drawer on the casket, you can place a few things inside the casket with your loved one and those items can make the product unique and special. The most popular thing to send along with someone you love is family photos. You can put the most recent family picture that includes your loved one in with them. You can include kids’ school pictures, pictures of pets, photos of your loved one doing things they loved, or anything else you want.

Wrap The Casket

You may have heard of ‘car wraps,’ and there are also ways to wrap a casket. While you aren’t going to want to wrap a casket in ads, as some vehicles do, you can wrap it with a photo, names, or something else.

When you work with cemeteries in Indiana, PA, there are various ways to customize the casket and the burial process as a whole. They can help you identify the options.