Elkin Mausoleum

The Oakland Cemetery Association recently conducted a major restoration of the iconic Elkin Mausoleum that has been an important symbol of Indiana, PA since it’s original construction in 1915. Shortly after the death of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice John Pratt Elkin, the building was constructed by the Colwell Granite Company of Pittsburgh. Although the Elkin Mausoleum was originally built for descendants of the Elkin family, by the early 1960’s the Elkin family had dispersed and the building was donated to the cemetery association. It has remained the landmark it was in 1916.

Oakland Mausoleum​

The multi-level Oakland Mausoleum was constructed in the mid 1980’s, to provide chapel space and to address the increased demand for above ground interments. Constructed of Italian granite, the structure has  crypts for interment by casket, and  niches for inurnment of cremated remains.

The Oakland Mausoleum is well appointed with luxurious chairs and couches to provide families with a solemn place to reflect on their loved ones. Gentle music fills the rooms, and special stained glass creates an atmosphere of calm. 

The upper floor of the Mausoleum is also used as a chapel when needed. This space is available to families with loved ones in both the Mausoleum and Oakland Gardens next door.

Units in the Oakland Mausoleum can be purchased in a variety of combinations from singles to doubles, and indoor or outdoor. Pricing varies based on those choices.

Interment Options

Oakland Cemetery strives to provide multiple options for interment and tries to be as flexible as possible to meet family’s wishes. Here is what we offer:

Traditional Plots

Columbaria and Cremation Garden


Glass Front Niches

One of the newest innovations in cremations is the use of lighted, glass front niches that allow relatives to memorialize their loved ones in a unique way. Personal items that depict the life of the deceased can be placed along side a decorative vase. Niches are available in sizes to allow for the inurnment of one or two remains.

To learn more, watch the video to the left or contact Dan McAnulty at (724) 463-2251

Oakland Gardens

Completed in 2019, Oakland Gardens is the newest addition to the cemetery. The vision of the gardens is to provide families with a variety of options for the inurnment of cremated remain, in a beautiful garden setting at an affordable price. The highlight of the garden is the “Diane” fountain, imported from Italy. This metal replica of an oak tree stands in the middle of the garden, creating a solemn atmosphere for visitors.

Built specifically for the inurnment of cremated remains, the area offers both above ground and in
ground inurnments, as well as family inurnment benches and memorial flower vases. The above ground columbaria, constructed with high quality granite, can be purchased as a single or a double. In ground inurnments options include either brass or granite markers and may also be purchased as a single or a double. A special section is dedicated to veterans with consideration given to assistance provided by the VA.

Financial Strength

Interment Options


Maps & Grave Lookup

Rules & Regulations

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