The Essentials of Choosing a Burial Plot: A Simple, Informative Guide

Selecting a burial plot is a significant decision, and when doing so within the honored confines of Cemeteries Pittsburgh, PA, it is a choice that comes with many considerations. Each burial site serves as a final resting place and a space for loved ones to come and pay their respects. This simple and informative guide is designed to walk you through the essentials of making this profound decision with clarity and ease. 

Types of Burial plots 

Selecting the Right Type of plot is crucial as it reflects personal, cultural, or familial wishes: 

  • Single plot: A space designed for one individual. 
  • Companion plot: A double space for couples or partners to be interred together. 
  • Family plot: An exclusive area for multiple family members, often under a common headstone. 

Location within the Grounds 

Consider the Site’s Placement, as location can hold significant meaning: 

  • Tranquil Areas: Some prefer resting spots by trees or water features for tranquility. 
  • Proximity to Pathways: For ease of visitation, a plot near a path may be desirable. 
  • Section Specifics: Many burial grounds offer sections based on faith, military service, or fraternal orders. 

Understanding Memorial Options 

Choosing a Grave Marker is an important aspect of the plot selection process: 

  • Upright Headstones: Traditional and visible, they allow for personalized inscriptions. 
  • Flat Markers: These are often more affordable while still providing a dignified marker. 

Burial plot Costs and Considerations 

Pricing can vary widely depending on the grave’s location, type, and the burial ground’s prestige. Consider: 

  • Inclusion of Endowment Care: Ongoing care fees that keep the plot maintained. 
  • Pre-purchase Options: Paying in advance can lock in current prices and reduce future financial burden. 

Grave Plot Regulations 

Policies and Practices of the burial ground must be taken into account: 

  • Type of Memorials Allowed: Some have restrictions on the size or design of headstones. 
  • Visitation Rules: Familiarize yourself with the hours of operation and any guidelines during visits. 

Eco-Friendly Burial Options 

An increasing number of individuals are considering Sustainable Practices, such as: 

  • Green Burials: Eschewing traditional methods for a natural return to the earth. 
  • Biodegradable Caskets: Made of materials that naturally decompose without harming the environment. 

The Emotional Aspects of Choosing a Plot 

Mental Preparedness is necessary. Be gentle with yourself and your family during this time: 

  • Personal Reflection: Ensure the plot reflects the values and life of the person being memorialized. 
  • Family Discussions: Engage in open discussions with family members to honor collective wishes. 

Utilizing Professionals 

Seeking the guidance of experienced Funeral Directors or End-of-life Counselors can provide support and clarity throughout the selection process. 

Conclusion: How Oakland Cemetery Provides Guidance  

In Cemeteries Pittsburgh, PA, Oakland Cemetery stands out for understanding the profound nature of choosing a burial plot. We offer compassionate assistance, guiding you through every step as you honor the memories and preferences of your loved ones. With various plots available, serene surroundings, and a commitment to personalizing each experience, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. We welcome you to contact us to discover how Oakland Cemetery can help provide a dignified resting place and a lasting legacy for those you cherish.