Traditional Burial Lots: Preserving the Timeless Tradition of Burial

In the city where three rivers meet, the sacred traditions of memorial practices live on. Amid towering skyscrapers and contemporary advancements, the city cradles serene sanctuaries of eternal rest—its cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA. These memorial parks are not just about embracing modern changes; they’re also about preserving age-old funeral customs, primarily the tradition of burial lots.

Understanding Tradition: The Essence of Burial Lots

A burial lot, often referred to as a burial plot or grave, is a designated area within a cemetery where the body of the deceased is laid to rest. This form of interment has been a prevalent practice for centuries, with different cultures adding their unique touches, making burial lots a historical and cultural heritage.

The Symbolism behind Traditional Burial Lots

Traditional burial lots carry deep symbolic values. They epitomize respect, honor, and remembrance for the departed souls. They serve as a physical place for loved ones to revisit, a space that holds the physical remains of the deceased, encapsulating memories and connecting the past with the present.

Selection Criteria for Burial Lots

Choosing a burial lot for oneself or a loved one involves careful consideration. Important factors include the location of the burial ground–is it easily accessible for family members, the size of the lot, or the cemetery’s rules about memorials or headstones that can be erected. Some people may also consider the aesthetic aspect of the location, preferring a peaceful, picturesque setting that brings solace to the visitors.

The Different Types of Burial Lots

Burial lots come in different types, catering to various needs and preferences:

Single Lot

A single lot is meant for one person, providing a small, intimate space for the individual and their commemorative marker.

Double Depth Lot

This burial space can accommodate two caskets, one atop the other. This option is practical for families who wish to reserve a space for future need while maintaining closeness even after leaving this mortal life.

Family Lot

Family lots or family burial plots allow for the interment of multiple family members, keeping families together even after their passing.

Maintaining Burial Lots: A Duty of Love

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After choosing and using a burial lot, its maintenance responsibility lies with the family or relatives. Regular tending to the area, cleaning the headstone, or planting some fresh flowers symbolizes respect and remembrance of the departed souls.

Burial grounds, the eternal home of the departed in memorial parks or cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA, are a significant part of human culture. They remind us of our roots, our historical context, and the age-old practices we’ve inherited from our ancestors.

In conclusion, even as we venture into new trends and burial alternatives, traditional burial lots continue to offer an enduring and cherished method of commemorating our dearly departed. Here, in the city of beautiful bridges, Oakland Cemetery upholds these timeless traditions, providing those well-loved lots that instill a comforting sense of preserving cultural heritage.

At Oakland Cemetery, we understand the importance of keeping traditions alive as they provide a bridge between our past, present, and future. We are here to assist you in every step of choosing the right burial lot that aligns with your preferences, faith, or familial customs. Our team is available to guide you through the process with empathy, respect, and professionalism, ensuring your chosen memorial embodies the spirit of the tradition you wish to preserve.