Choose the Placement Style That Works for You in the Cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA

Oakland Cemetery was founded in 1859, one of the oldest and trusted cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA. We offer multiple options for interment, including above ground granite markers, flush mounted bronze markers, mausoleums with both inside and outside crypts, and more. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your loved one receives a beautiful, lasting tribute. We understand that losing a loved one can be difficult, and our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions, please contact us today at (724) 463-2251.

When you need to choose a location for final disposition at one of the cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA, and the nearby areas, you’ll want to be certain you find a place with the types of burial and placement solutions you need. More is available than ground burial, though that is an attractive option if you want it. Select an establishment with the structure and governance or an honest board of directors to have a beautifully maintained and reliable place for the grieving family to return to as often as needed.  

Pittsburgh, PA Cemeteries

If you haven’t given much thought to burial and disposition options, let’s take a few minutes to break down some great solutions you’ll find in the area cemeteries. This is not an exhaustive list, merely a guide to finding the perfect final resting place for your future needs or that of a loved one: 

  • Classic Traditional Burial Lots: The interment of classic pine box coffins or elaborate caskets can be completed in many widely available traditional burial lots. Cremated bodies in burial urns can also receive a traditional burial in most settings. Earthen burial may also require the use of external containment structures, such as a burial vault, to help the grave site hold its shape as settling occurs. 
  • Solutions to Achieve More Natural Burial: Some families wish to facilitate a more natural return to the earth. At least some natural burial solutions can typically be offered at even the most regulated cemeteries. Embalming with chemical solutions such as formaldehyde is generally wholly optional. Burial containers such as fully carbon-based and biodegradable coffins or shrouds can also be used. The most important thing here is to ask plenty of questions before you purchase the lot so you are not surprised by the regulations that may be in place.
  • Elevated Burial in Mausoleum Crypts: Above-ground burial or entombment has been an option used throughout time, often reserved for people thought to be of great importance. These days, you can receive an impressive and stately elevated burial in a mausoleum crypt. Mausoleums are remarkable structures that may take the form of a building that can be entered to see the individually sealed crypts. It may be a structure such as a wall where the vaults are viewable without entering a building. The deceased remains may need to be embalmed for this placement.  
  • Columbarium Solutions with Cremation Niches for Ashen Remains: Cremated bodies are much smaller than complete remains and can be placed in niches rather than a mausoleum crypt. The ashen remains should be contained and sealed in an urn that will meet the specifications of the slot. Some establishments may have niches with viewing windows, making the use of a decorative urn all the more attractive.

Marking Your Loved One’s Grave at the Cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA 

Among the various cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding communities, there may be a wide range of possible grave marking solutions. How you choose to mark the site is deeply personal. Each cemetery could have specific rules or regulations governing this topic. If you have something in mind already, you can start this conversation as you shop for the most appropriate burial site for your needs. 

Beautiful Bronze Markers 

Bronze markers tend to weather well and can hold great visual detail over the years. They are relatively easy to maintain with inexpensive care products to keep them looking beautiful for a long time. Bronze markers lend themselves to low profiles, flush-mounted applications, or as an inset on a larger stone. Some cemeteries may require bronze grave markers in certain areas to support maintenance needs or a cohesive theme.  

Substantial Granite Headstones 

The weighty nature of granite headstones may mean the complete installation of this type of stone may need to take place sometime after the initial burial is completed. In most conditions, the hardy stone will last without extensive erosion for decades, if not centuries, and is very easy to maintain. These markers and monuments can be designed in higher and lower profile styles.

A Long-Standing Establishment that Continues to Thrive 

Established over 150 years ago, the park-like setting known as Oakland Cemetery has been a sacred site for generations to lay their departed to rest and find solace as the survivors work out their grief. Because of the careful handling of perpetual care funds, the cemetery is financially strong and has various trust funds that can maintain the establishment virtually forever. This will continue to be a place of relevance and hope for generations to come. his will continue to be a place of relevance and hope for generations to come.

See Our Park-Like Setting with a Guided Tour or Stop by and Spend Some Time Here 

As you research the area cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA, consider the picturesque and tranquil setting available at Oakland Cemetery. Come and see the themed areas, the various disposition sites, and the beautifully maintained grounds at 845 Rose St, Indiana, PA 15701. If you have any questions, are ready to purchase, or wish for a guided tour, please call (724) 463-2251 for the next steps. 

Cemetery FAQs

What services does the cemetery provide?

The cemetery provides a range of services to cater to the needs of individuals and families. These services include burial plots for both coffins and cremated remains, mausoleums for above-ground burials, and columbariums for the placement of cremation urns. Additionally, the cemetery may offer memorialization options such as monuments, plaques, and memorial benches. Some cemeteries also provide funeral services and assistance with the coordination of burial arrangements.

How can I purchase a burial plot or arrange for a burial?

To purchase a burial plot or arrange for a burial, you can typically contact the cemetery office directly. They will guide you through the process and provide information on available options, pricing, and any specific requirements or regulations. It is advisable to inquire about the cemetery’s policies regarding pre-need purchases, as some individuals choose to plan and secure their burial arrangements in advance.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines for grave decorations and maintenance?

Most cemeteries have specific guidelines and regulations regarding grave decorations and maintenance to ensure a respectful and well-maintained environment. These guidelines may include restrictions on the types of decorations allowed, such as limits on the size and material of markers, flags, flowers, or other memorial items. There may also be rules related to regular maintenance, such as the removal of withered flowers or the prohibition of certain plants. It is recommended to contact the cemetery administration to obtain the specific guidelines in place and ensure compliance with them.