Why Choose Mausoleum Crypts? Discover the Benefits of Above-Ground Burial

The range of alternatives for the final resting place have expanded beyond traditional in-ground burials. In this age of diverse choices, cemeteries in Blairsville, PA, accommodate varied preferences, one rising preference being above-ground burials in mausoleum crypts.

Unfolding the Concept: Mausoleum Crypts

A mausoleum crypt is an above-ground exterior structure made to house human remains. This burial method dates back centuries; it’s notably used by royalty, prominent figures, and families commemorating their lineage. Nowadays, its use expands beyond aristocratic circles, becoming a viable choice for many individuals and families.

Rethinking Burial with Mausoleum Crypts

Switching to the idea of an above-ground resting place is a critical decision. It calls for understanding the benefits and reasoning behind this particular method of burial.

Respect for the Deceased and the Environment

Mausoleum crypts are constructed to withstand time and weather conditions. The interred remains are not exposed to ground soil, offering an environmentally-friendly option as it lessens the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.


Despite initial impressions, choosing a crypt could prove cost-effective over time. An investment in a mausoleum crypt covers the costs of the burial vault, opening and closing of the grave, and ongoing maintenance costs. Viewing these factors together may highlight the cost benefits of a mausoleum crypt over traditional burial.

Visitation and Memorialisation

Being an above-ground structure, a mausoleum crypt provides comfortable visitation space regardless of weather conditions. It affords a quiet, intimate workspace sheltered from the rain, sun, or snow.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Mausoleum Crypts

Before deciding on a mausoleum crypt, consider the following factors:

Cemetery Policies and Restrictions

Check with your selected burial ground to understand policies on mausoleum construction and future maintenance responsibilities.

Mausoleum Types

Mausoleums can be private (for a family or individual) or community (shared space). Choosing the right type depends on your personal preferences and budget.

Aesthetics and Personalisation

Consider the design, layout, and customisation options of the mausoleum. Discuss your options with the cemetery manager or a funeral director to create a personal, meaningful memorial.

Future Planning

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Think about future family members who may wish to be interred in the same mausoleum. Plan capacity accordingly.

In summary, mausoleum crypts have become a dignified, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ground burials. As with any significant choice, personal preferences, costs, and forward-thinking should form the basis of your decision.

Our cemetery in Blairsville, PA offers a variety of mausoleum crypt options. As a cherished community cornerstone, we thrive to uphold our deep-set commitment to serving families during their times of need. Our team of compassionate professionals stands ready to assist you in navigating this important decision, understanding the benefits, and making an informed choice for your ultimate repose or that of a loved one.

At Oakland Cemetery, we understand that each individual’s resting place should be a unique representation of their life. Thus, we offer options to personalize your chosen mausoleum crypt, making it a fitting tribute to the life lived.

As we step into an era of evolving memorial traditions, Oakland Cemetery invites you to consider the longstanding appeal of Mausoleum Crypts – a choice that represents dignity, tranquility, and reverence. Trust the experts at our cemetery to guide you on your journey to discover the unique advantages of above-ground burials.