Traditional Burial Lots Explained: Get to Know Your Options

The experience of saying the final goodbye to a loved one is inherently tender, loaded with emotions and contemplations. Intrinsically tied to this experience are cemeteries Pittsburgh, PA, places of eternal rest, serving as an essential entity within the landscape of mortality and the subsequent farewell. Therefore, understanding various aspects of a cemetery setup becomes crucial to planning this profound journey. An essential component of this understanding pertains to traditional burial lots.

Understanding Traditional Burial Lots: Basics Unearthed

A traditional burial lot is a plot within a graveyard where a body is placed in a casket. A vault or liner encases the casket to prevent the grave from sinking over time. These burial lots are marked with some form of monument or headstone.

Types of Burial Lots

Depending upon family requirements, there are several types of burial lots:

  • Single Lots: These lots comprise space for a single individual, suitable for those who wish to have a personal ground.
  • Companion Lots: Also known as double graves or companion graves, these consist of two spaces intended for a pair.
  • Family Lots: These are collections of plots reserved for members of the same family.
  • Children and Infant Lots: Specially designated spaces are set aside in many graveyards to cater to the burial of children and infants.
  • Veterans Lots: For veterans, areas are carved out in several public burial grounds, honoring their service.

Cost Considerations

Variables affecting the cost of burial lots include:

  • Location: A plot’s cost can drastically vary based on its geographical location.
  • Type of Plot: Single plots are generally less expensive than companion or family lots.
  • Endowment Care Fee: Some burial grounds charge this fee to maintain the plots.

Essential Features of Traditional Burial Lots

Apart from providing comfort in knowing your loved one’s final resting place, traditional burial lots offer scope for personalization. Monuments, headstones, or inscriptions are critical elements of personal expression. Further, it allows descendants to have a specific place to visit, provide offerings, and remember ancestors.

Choosing Carefully: Factors to Contemplate

Choosing a burial lot is a sensitive decision requiring considerations:

  • Instant requirement or future planning: The immediacy of need may influence the decision.
  • Specific preferences: Some individuals may have preferences over the type, location, or size of the plot.
  • Budget: It is paramount to consider its affordability.

The Role of Burial in Grief Processing

The act of burying a loved one is an age-old tradition and is considered a vital part in the journey of letting go and healing.

In Conclusion

Choosing a burial lot can be a highly emotionally charged decision. Grasping the details about the types, costs, and integral aspects of traditional burial lots become instrumental in making an informed decision that respects personal preferences, cultural norms, and financial conditions.

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