Oakley Tyger






Section O. Lot 50

At the time of his death on May 11, 1998, in Franklin, Tennessee, Oakley Sherrel Tyger II had earned a reputation as a talented musician. Born October 30, 1959, in Greensburg, he was the son of Oakley and Betty Clawson Tyger of Shelocta. Tyger graduated from Elderton Senior High School. Early on, Tyger showed promise as a fiddler working in the country-swing genre. He spent many hours of practice to develop the speed, dexterity and accuracy the music demanded. He won several fiddling contests that led to recording contracts. As a musician, Tyger developed a strong stage presence. As he once explained in an Indiana Gazette interview, he offered audiences “a showy act.” After leaving the Indiana area, he performed for a while in Los Angeles, California, with his band. He then moved to the Nashville area, where he wrote songs and played with Jagged Moon. His was survived by his wife, Daren.

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