Fergus Moorhead






Section B. Lot 132

Indiana County pioneer and Revolutionary War veteran, Fergus Moorhead, was born around 1742, in Hamilton Township, Cumberland County (now Franklin County), Pennsylvania. In 1772, he established a permanent settlement in what would become Indiana County. At the time Moorhead settled in Western Pennsylvania, tensions with natives were running high. In 1777, he was captured by natives. Upon release, he returned to Franklin County, where he served in the militia. Around 1781, he and his Scottish-born wife, Jane White, returned to Indiana County and built a blockhouse for protection. Moorhead had chosen this settlement, located just west of the current Indiana Borough line, for its excellent soil. His farm touched the western border of Oakland Cemetery.  Fergus Moorhead died in 1822, at age seventy-nine. His wife, Jane, died in 1824. Moorhead’s farm bordered the western edge of Oakland Cemetery.

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