James K. Scheeren


December 18, 1923


July 2, 1963


Section L. Lot 254

James K. Scheeren was a registered architect who practiced in Indiana until his untimely death on July 2, 1963, in Indiana. In 1959, he formed a partnership with his brother, Robert T. Scheeren. The Scheeren firm designed various civic, educational, religious, and health-care buildings throughout Pennsylvania.
The son of architect Tillman Scheeren, Jr., and his wife Edna Batz Scheeren, James Scheeren was born in Ford City on December 18, 1923. After graduation from Ford City High School, he studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. His education was interrupted in 1943, when he joined the US Army. He returned to Penn after discharge, earning his degree in architecture in 1948. He practiced in Philadelphia and Ford City before coming to Indiana.
In 1959, James Scheeren and his brother Robert formed an architectural partnership. He died unexpectedly on July 2, 1963. He was survived by his wife, Martha Sanderson Scheeren, and two children. A bronze plaque commemorates service to his country during World War II.

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