Preserving Memories: Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One

Losing a loved one changes our life path irrespective of the circumstances. At cemeteries in Blairsville, PA, we provide guidance and support during a challenging time by offering comforting ways to commemorate and honor your loved ones. Our memorial services help celebrate your loved one’s life and perpetuate lasting memories.

Dignified Rest in Traditional Burial Lots

The first choice you’re likely to encounter commemorating a loved one is the selection of the final resting place. A lifelong sanctuary, traditional burial lots have held sentimental value for generations. With a serene view and peaceful ambiance, these cemetery spaces are often adorned with granite or bronze markers. Beyond cascading a unique, historical charm, these markers serve a significant purpose in memorializing a person’s life, dates, and essentially narrate a life beautifully spent.

Exploring the Tranquility of Cremation Niches and Columbariums

Cremation niches derive their essence from providing a soothing space to house the cremated remains of a loved one. It’s a physical, enduring location that symbolizes your enduring loved one’s spirit and memory. This site serves as a sacred stage where family and friends gather to remember, share stories, and connect with their loved ones.

A more community-oriented form of remembering is through columbarium walls. This architectural ensemble encourages unity and offers a sense of widespread healing to numerous families grieving a mutual loss.

Eternal Memory with Mausoleum Crypts

Mausoleum crypts present a grand monumental reflection of love and respect. Creating its own traditions as it withstands time, weather, and several generations, a mausoleum crypt can serve as a private memorial or a familial inheritance. Encapsulating shared love and bonding, it accommodates cherished conversations and prayers.

Inscribing Greatness

Creating everlasting memories begins at the headstones themselves. Inscriptions and designs on these monuments reflect the deceased’s personality and lifestyle. It can be in the form of epitaphs, engraved hobbies or preferred symbols, and even excerpts from tunes or literature they enjoyed. Anyone stopping by to memorize them or share a moment of silence, these personalized features elicit touching memories, while keeping the unique spirit of your loved ones alive forever.

Marking Memories with Granite and Bronze

Markers play a key role in the memorialization process. These silently tell stories of love, loss, and remembrance, mirroring a sense of eternity. Granite and bronze markers each offer different aesthetics. Where bronze glistens with refinement, granite grounds in its innate connection with earth – each effortlessly creating a harmonious theme in cemeteries, resonating unparalleled beauty.


At Cemeteries Blairsville, PA, specifically at Oakland Cemetery, we profoundly understand the importance of preserving memories. We acknowledge the healing that this process brings. With our wide range of services. Beyond the traditional, our offerings such as bronze or granite markers, epitaphs, photographs, and symbols add a personal touch to each memorial. Each uniquely designed memorial aids in creating more than just a resting place; they weave together the stories of lives lived with love, honor, and nostalgia. Our services and products strive to immortalize your loved one, allowing their memories and stories to remain fresh and timeless, resonating through echoing winds, falling leaves, and the soft glow of the setting sun. At Oakland Cemetery, we are your compassionate partner in cherishing and commemorating a life well-lived.