Various Burial Solutions Exist in Some Cemeteries in Indiana, PA 

Since 1859, Oakland Cemetery has been providing a final resting place for the people and one of the trusted cemeteries in Indiana, PA. Our commitment to quality care and customer service is evident in everything we do. Whether you’re looking for an above ground granite marker, a dedicated area for flush mounted bronze markers, or a mausoleum with both inside and outside crypts, Oakland Cemetery can provide it all. With over 155 years of history, our cemetery will provide perpetual care for your loved ones. Contact us today at (724) 463-2251 to learn more about our services.

Several factors can influence the final disposition location of a person who has passed away. Sometimes, it surprises people how many options there are beyond earthen burials at the cemeteries in Indiana, PA. Take a few minutes now to learn more about the various available solutions so you can make plans for future or immediate death care needs: 

Indiana, PA Cemeteries
  • Placement in Traditional Burial Lots: Ground burial in a casket or shroud has been a customary disposition solution amongst many cultures for millennia. The simple truth is that this is a respectful and sanitary way to care for deceased remains. Suppose you are interested in ground burial for yourself or a loved one. In that case, you’ll need to find a place currently taking placements with a reputation for security and excellent groundskeeping care. The cemetery may be a great source of comfort to the bereaved who will visit while they are working out their grief in the months and years to come.  
  • Natural Burial Solutions: If you prefer a more natural return to the earth, many cemeteries can reasonably accommodate at least some of these needs. Bodies can have little to no chemical preparation or a natural embalming process through your chosen funeral home. Casketing and containment structures or shrouds could be sourced from fully biodegradable materials. Each burial establishment, including those certified for natural burial, often has extensive rules to follow for interment. Ask plenty of questions before you buy a cemetery lot.  
  • Above-Ground Burial in Mausoleum Crypts: The option to entomb the body in mausoleums may be whole buildings that accommodate many unrelated or related persons within individual crypts. Some mausoleum crypts are much smaller, free-standing structures placed on the grounds in a secure fashion. An elevated burial chamber such as a mausoleum can be an exceptional and fitting memorial monument. Like ground burial, specific rules and procedures may need to be followed to have access to this type of burial.
  • Columbarium Placement in Cremation Niches: If the body has been cremated and reduced to a few pounds of ashen remains, there are likely a few choices for disposition at your area cemeteries. One of these is placing the inurned remains in a cremation niche within a columbarium house or wall. Some cremation niches have fully secure transparent panes over the front of the slot so that your decorative urn may be viewed after the disposition is complete.

Marking the Final Resting Places at Cemeteries in Indiana, PA 

At most cemeteries in Indiana, PA, you can pay tribute to your loved one’s memory and legacy with a beautifully crafted and stylized grave marker. Depending on the specifications of your burial site, there could be restrictions on what type of marker can be installed. Be sure you have a solid understanding of that before you finalize your site purchase if you have something particular in mind for the headstone.

Bronze Markers 

Markers made or plated with bronze are beautiful and long-lasting. These work well in a flush-mounted application with a low profile. Caring for bronze grave markers can be handled without too much effort or expense with a little preventative maintenance and can keep them looking pristine for many years to come. In certain cemetery sections or areas, these may be required to keep the care of the grounds a little more uncomplicated.  

Granite or Other Stones 

Upright granite headstones are an impressive and stately way to mark a grave. Other types of stone can also be sourced and chosen for a long-lasting and fitting tribute to your loved one upon their death. If you are hoping for an extended size or ornate and large grave marker, be sure you understand the specific rules of your lot where it will be installed. Knowing this information can help you avoid costly errors and undue stress.  

Some of the Historical Roots That Make Oakland Cemetery a Unique Setting for Disposition 

The well-manicured and pristine setting of Oakland Cemetery has been continually improving over the last 150+ years. The commitment of the cemetery board to make this establishment a place of perpetual care with the promise of maintenance and beauty is a wonderful gift to the community at large. The financial position has been carefully managed to ensure that this beautiful location will be cared for well for future generations. Burial sites can be purchased at need or for pre-planning purposes.  

Come and Walk the Grounds or Make an Appointment to Learn More 

Ready to learn more about the cemeteries in Indiana, PA? Be sure to look at Oakland Cemetery at 845 Rose St, Indiana, PA 15701. You can stop by anytime during daylight hours to look around and see what we offer. If you need a guided tour or have further questions, don’t hesitate to call (724) 463-2251 to arrange a meeting time. 

Cemetery FAQs

Are there any provisions for the perpetual care of graves?

Perpetual care is a common practice in many cemeteries. It involves the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery grounds, including grave sites and surrounding areas, to ensure their proper care in the long term. This may include tasks such as mowing, landscaping, and general maintenance. However, the specific provisions and services offered for perpetual care can vary between cemeteries. It is recommended to inquire with the cemetery administration about their policies regarding perpetual care and any associated costs.

Can I pre-plan and pre-pay for burial arrangements?

Pre-planning and pre-paying for burial arrangements is a common option provided by many cemeteries. This allows individuals to make their burial preferences known in advance and make financial arrangements to secure their chosen burial plot or services. Pre-planning can alleviate some of the burden on family members during a time of loss. It is advisable to contact the cemetery office to discuss pre-planning options, understand their terms and conditions, and obtain guidance on the pre-payment process.

Are there any specific regulations regarding the use of grave markers or headstones?

Cemeteries often have regulations and guidelines concerning the use of grave markers or headstones. These regulations may include specifications on size, material, design, and placement. It is essential to consult with the cemetery administration to understand their specific regulations and requirements for grave markers or headstones. They can provide guidance on permitted options and assist with any necessary approvals or permits.