Tips For Choosing A Headstone 

There are many different headstone options that cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA offer when you bury a loved one on their grounds. Before you go about things in the wrong manner, it’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind so you move only in the right direction.

Understand Cemetery Rules

Cemeteries often have rules and regulations in place regarding the headstones they allow. Certain locations might only allow certain sizes or materials, for example. They might appreciate their grounds to have a streamlined look. Others have more of an ‘anything goes’ policy. Either way, you are going to want to know what the cemetery rules are once you have chosen a location so you can follow them. If you order something the cemetery doesn’t accept, they won’t install it and you have to start over.

Look At The Material Options

There are a variety of different headstone materials, such as granite, marble, and so on. Look at the material options, line things up with your budget, and see which materials weather the best. You also want to think about appearance where the headstones are concerned as you want something that looks nice for your loved one.

Check Sizing

Headstones come in a variety of sizes and only certain sizes are going to fit on your loved one’s plot. There are standard sizes, of course, and that’s generally a safe way to go. Headstones for cremation plots may be smaller. Or, if you got a larger plot, you might be able to get something bigger. Check the sizing options and match it up against what is allowed and what you want for your loved one.

Get The Engraving Just Right

One of the most important parts of any headstone is what you have engraved onto the stone. You are going to want to get the engraving just right and check and recheck what you write out to make sure there aren’t any errors. If you make a mistake, that’s on you and you will have to pay to fix it. You might also want to run the engraving ideas by other family members to make sure mistakes are not there and to check and see if they appreciate what you are going to get, too.

Recognize Installation Costs

Headstones are going to come at a certain cost, but you are also going to have to pay to have them installed onto the grave. You will need to recognize that installation cost so you can place it in the budget and ensure you have enough to move forward with that part of the process.

When you are working with cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA, the professionals understand the headstone you place is very important to you and the rest of your family. This is your loved one’s final resting place and lasting legacy. You can work with the cemetery to get the headstone you need (and want) for them. They can help you with your budget, the details, and everything else.