Memorializing At The Reception After The Cemetery Burial 

When you have a funeral for a loved one, that is often followed by a burial service in cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s traditional that after you have a funeral and burial service, you then go to a reception. Your family and friends can gather together, have a meal, and talk more about your loved one. The setting is more casual in nature and also allows the family a chance to simply catch up. But your loved one is still going to be the focal point of the event. Here are some ways you can memorialize them further at the reception.

Photo Boards

You may have set up some photo boards at the funeral home so people could see your loved one in different parts of their life as they came to the service, and later, left. You can have someone move these photo boards to the reception so everyone can spend more time looking at the pictures, remembering those good times, and inspecting your loved one’s smile all over again.

Video Memorials

One part of the funeral that was extra special was the video presentation you put together. The video might have had photos of your loved one set to music. Many families have a video memorial as part of the funeral. You could also have it running in the background of the service. If you don’t have a video memorial in the funeral service, you can still create one to run during the reception. It can be a nice way to celebrate your loved one’s life, even after you have mourned their death.

Memory Sharing

The reception is the time to share memories with one another. You can smile, laugh, and talk about the good times you had with your loved one. As you listen to memories others bring to the table, you might hear things you didn’t know. Likewise, you might be able to share things other people didn’t remember about your loved one. Memories at this part of the event, and in the future, are a great way to keep your loved one a deep part of your life.


You can decorate the funeral home, but you might feel more comfortable putting some color in the décor at the reception. You can use your loved one’s favorite color, or you can decorate in the colors of their favorite team. It’s a nice way to remind everyone of a special part of your loved one’s personality.

Item Displays

There are certain items that your loved one held near and dear and when you bring those items to the reception and put them on display, it can be a nice way to remind everyone about that person. It might be books they adored, statues they collected, things they made by hand, or whatever else was special to them.

There are endless ways to memorialize your loved one at the reception after you have the funeral home service, and the burial at cemeteries in Pittsburgh, PA. The professionals can help with further ideas.