Milton and Arthur Roumm


1914 and 1919


2014 and 1967


Section BI. Lot 145

Milton and Arthur Roumm, of the Roumm Scrap Metal Company (RSM) in Indiana, PA, continued and expanded a family-run business that served Indiana for 107 years. The Roumm brothers were sons of David Louis and Sarah Leibert Roumm. In 1937, they assumed responsibilities for the business when their father, David Roumm became ill. David Roumm died at age 51 in May 1939.
During World War II, Arthur served in the Air Force and earned an Oak Leaf Cluster for his participation in the 1945 action in Germany. Milton remained in Indiana, where he continued to operate the family business, which had been classified as a business critical to the War effort. In 1947. the Roumms moved the business to South 13th Street. Arthur died unexpectedly in 1967. His brother remained the sole proprietor until 1975, when he was joined by his son Dennis and son-in-law Michael Mundis. Milton remained a partner with his son until his death at age 99 in 2013. Dennis Roumm recalled that his father was a familiar figure at RSM, often working six days a week, up until two weeks before his death at age 99.

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