Oakland Gardens

Considering Cremation?

Cremation has quickly become a preferred option for interment, and at Oakland Cemetery, we recognize the trend and have added Oakland Gardens to our cemetery. 

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Call us: 724-422-3651 | hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm

About Oakland Gardens

Oakland Gardens was designed exclusively for cremations.  We offer above ground niches for one or two burials, and in-ground options with bronze flush markers or tablet monuments for one or two.  Additionally, we have interment benches suitable for up to 4 interments.  For veterans, a special area of the garden is reserved allowing you the option of using burial markers provided by the Veterans Administration.

With our beautifully landscaped grounds, gentle background music, and our signature Oak Tree fountain imported from Italy, Oakland Gardens is not like any other option in the area.  Please stop by, visit, relax and enjoy the garden.  And when it’s time, please stop by or contact cemetery superintendent Dan McAnulty at (724) 422-3651.